Rice Purity Test Score Mean

Once you have done with the Rice Purity Test Online then it is the time to find out in what zone you lie. The score based on the number of checkboxes you have checked while going through the test.

Note – It is not mandatory you get a high score. You can also lie anywhere between 1 to 100.

The Rice Purity Test is purely survey based and score totally depends upon the past activities of your life. So, here comes the scorecards.

Score 100 to 98

Obviously, everyone wants to get a high score but in this test, the tradition is not the same. The less you get to score the purer you are. In this category, only a few people lie. But if you get this score then it is predicted that

You are highly addicted & also having criminal Mind. You are tagged Spoiled.

But Undoubtedly, there are very few people in this world who wants to taste each & every activity in their life.

SCORE: 97-94

The 2nd class lies between the score of 94 & 97. It is a little range, yet after long research, this scorecard is classified as the individuals who are consistently developing.

“Yes, you are consistently become worse and very Soon attain 100 Score”

These are the sort who never make do with anything short of the world and in the future may even score 100.

SCORE: 93-77

This is the class that incorporates most of the individuals. The score bearers are commonly run from white-collar class to high-class youngsters. These are believed to be specialists in their fields and are regularly enjoyed better practices. They can have phenomenal power over themselves and can prompt a superior life. But they just need to take care of themselves they are not far away.

SCORE: 76-45

The score of 76-45 speaks to the self-observers and the modest ones. These score bearers come up short on social aptitudes and are bashful to come to the standard.


Each one of the individuals who score underneath 45 is required to get some assistance or help. They may have a psychological issue or might experience the ill effects of an illness.