Rice Purity Test Quiz

Officially the Rice Purity Test Quiz consists of 100 questions survey which officially originated in Rice University Houston, Texas. That’s why it is called the “Rice Purity Test”. Every year new students voluntarily take the test during the orientation week and consider it as an opportunity to create a bond with the other students. The Purity Quiz also used to track the progress of the students as they got to experience college life at Rice University. But nowadays it is just taken as fun. So, you can also go through the official quiz of Rice Purity Test Now. Follow the complete article to take the test online.

Rice Purity Test Quiz

A very simple test in which the Answers following the 100 questions to check your Purity Test Score. All you need is to check the box for every question which you have done in your life. Upon checking one box 1 point will be deducted from the 100 questions. Upon completion, you need to calculate your score by showing the button below to discover your purity score.

Warning: Completing or trying to complete every item on this list will likely cause death or imprisonment. It should not be used as a bucket list.

Rice Purity Test Quiz

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Today is - April 22, 2019

Total Number of Questions = 100

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1. Had a made out session for longer than 2 hours?

2. Gotten a STI or STD?
3. Got caught masturbating?

Masturbated to a photo of someone you know?

5. Kissed or been kissed on the neck?

Sent an SMS?

7. Had Sex while someone's parents were home?
8. Done an act of voyeurism (been a “peeping Tom”)?
9. Traveled 100 or more miles for pleasure?

10. Had sex while you or your partner were on their period?

11. Had *** with five or more people?
12. Been convicted of a crime?
13. Watched a stripper?
14. Masturbated with an object?
15. Urinated in public?

16. Had *** outdoors?
17. Had s*x with someone with a 3 or more year age gap?


Participated in a dance?

19. Swallowed someone else’s secretion?
20. Had Sex 10 or more times?
21. Held hands romantically?

Seen or been seen by another person in a sensual context?


Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?

24. Had an orgasm during your sleep?
25. Watched adult material?
26. Been skinny-dipping?

 Had intercourse?

28. Showered with someone from the opposite gender?
29. Smoked marijuana?

Had with two or more people within 24 hours?

31. Played with or had your behind played with?
32. Smoked tobacco?

33. Kissed while lying down?

34. Vandalized something?
35. Had sex three or more times in one night?
36. Been streaking?


 Sex in a bed not belonging to you or your partner?

38. Had sex?

39. Gotten drunk?

40. Kicked a roommate out of the room or house so you can have S-X?
41. Had S*X in public?
42. Been arrested?
43. Cheated during a relationship?
44. Had the police called on you?
45. Impregnated someone or gotten impregnated?
46. French kissed?
47. Received or given a hickey?

Been suspended from school?

49. Played with or had your breasts played with?
50. Smoke Marijuana
51. Had a threesome?


Filmed or photographed yourself or others during S-X?


Fondled or had your genitals fondled?

54. Had to act sober to parents or teachers when you were actually drunk?
55. Had a relationship?
56. Engaged in explicit activity over video chat?


 Had SeX in a car?

58. Gotten an STI test?
59. Gone through the motions of intercourse while fully dressed (dry humped)?
60. Sex with more than 2 different people in a week?

 Kissed a non-family member on the lips?

62. Committed an act of incest?

63. Had S-X with a partner while someone else was in the same room?
64. Had someone walked in on you while doing something unusual?

Kissed someone below the waistline?

66. Drank alcohol?

67. Danced really closely with someone?
68. Went on a date?
69. Sent or received nude photographs?
70. Had *** in more than four positions in one session?
71. Ran from the police?
72. Been kissed or kissed someone on the breast?
73. Massaged or been massaged sensually?
74. Had the police handcuffed you?
75. Been questioned by the police?
76. Got in trouble and been sent to the principal’s or dean’s office?
77. Had oral Sex?
78. Purchased contraceptives?
79. Gotten severe memory loss due to alcohol?
80. French kissed in public?

Rice Purity Test Scores

After submitting the Rice Purity Test, you now get your scorecard. This score is based on a scale of 100 and is quantitative. Remember, it is not necessary that you get a high score or somewhere between 80- 90.

The test is a survey and is based on an individuals life and grooming. So here are the scorecards categorized for you.

SCORE: 100-98

A score between 98 and 100 is the maximum desirable and obtainable score. Not many people fall into this category. Generally, it is seen that those who are born with a silver spoon get scores like these.

This type of score bearers are highly addicted and also criminal minded. They are usually tagged ‘spoiled.’ But there may be some who want to experience everything in their life and get the heck out of it.

SCORE: 97-94

The second category is the score of 94 to 97. It is a small range, but after long research, this scorecard is categorized as those who are continuously growing.

These are the type who never settle for anything less than the world and in future may even score 100. These score bearers have a firm but disciplined personality.

SCORE: 93-77

This is the category that includes the majority of the population. The score bearers are generally ranging from middle-class to high-class children. These students are seen to be artists in their fields and are often indulged in better practices. They can have excellent control over themselves and can lead to a better life.

SCORE: 76-45

The score of 76-45 represents the introverts and the shy ones.  These score bearers lack the social skills and are very shy to come into the mainstream.


All those who score below 45 are required to get some help or assistance. They may have a mental disorder or may be suffering from a disease.

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