Rice Purity Test for Girls

What is Rice Purity Test?

As we already discussed about Rice Purity test in previous articles. Rice Purity Test is created to find the personality of Boys and girls. Students all over the world especially in USA use this test to find the innocence of their friends and partners. This test consists of 100 Questions that related to our daily life. These questions are related to crimes, love, relationship, virginity, drug, education, living style in society and many other aspects of daily life.

History of Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test was started in the middle of 1924 almost 96 years ago. In the start this test was only given to women’s. In written form Test was given to women’s to check their purity or innocence. Test Consists of several Questions like ever engaged or in relationship before this, you have cheated someone? Ever you drunk in life? Many questions were in written format.

Later on New version of test was created by the Rice University to check the innocence of students and to create good relationship with students and also to build confidence in new students.

In 1990’s when computer was invented this test started online on internet. And this test consists of 100 questions to which you can answer yes or no.

Rice Purity Test for Girls

100 Questions of Rice purity test are for both girls and boys but some questions are especially designed for girls. And these questions are very interesting for girls. Girls are very confused to reply some questions.Below are the some important questions for girls.

  • Have you Ever went to Date?
  • Ever you Drunk?
  • Have you ever done Se*?
  • Have you ever kissed someone?
  • Held Hand Romantically
  • Smoked Tobacco or Cocaine?
  • French kissed with Boy friend?
  • You have Purchased contraceptives?
  • Ever Caught by Police

Have You Ever Went to Date?

This Questions is about date with any boy. Ever you went to date with boy friend and spend night.

Ever you Drunk?

If you drunk in any party or with friends you will reply with yes option.and if not you will leave blank empty.

Have You Ever Done Se*?

Any of you did Se* with your boy friend or someone else with out the marriage relation or before the marriage.As personally I did’t done this. Personally I left this option blank.

Have you ever kissed a stranger?

If you kissed someone or kissed your boy friend romantically.if yes click the box.Many people ask this question before making any relationship.

Held Hand Romantically?

Ever you held hand with your boy friend in Romantic mood?or Hugged him Romantically?

Smoked Tobacco or Cocaine?

Many People smoke.Some people smoke hidden and some people smoke without any hesitation. As personally I will mark yes.Many girls now days smoke Tobacco and cocaine.

French kissed with boyfriend?

Many people ask question before making any new relationship. Have you ever kissed boy friend in public places?

Have you ever purchased contraceptives?

Some people buy Contraceptives for sex with boyfriends. and they enjoy these things.

Ever Caught by Police?

Friends ask this question for fun. Ever you involved in any type of activity which is against law.

Been Kissed on the Breast?

Sometime this happened when you are having se* with your boyfriend.