Typically, the Rice Purity Test is taken by teenagers after the orientation week of their college. This test helps students gauge how innocent they are. It is not a bucket list, but simply a test of experience. If you are a teenager and want to bond better with your peers and put yourself out there, the test is an excellent way to do that.


It is a fully voluntary activity that thousands of teenagers across the world undertake. It simply lays down how innocent they really are. The rice purity test is to be taken to transition into the college life after the O week.

Q 2. How much score is good?

There is no set limit on what a good or a bad score is. It totally depends on person to person. What score may be good for you, may be terrible for someone else. It depends on your own values and opinions on things.

How Much Purity Test Score is Good?
How Much Purity Test Score is Good? (:

However, certain things on the test like drug abuse, bestiality and incest are not good. Having those in your scores would obviously be bad. The rice purity test is simply a way to understand the experiences a person has had so far in life. Based on those experiences, people can bond together.

Q 3. Should I take 100 questions or 500 or 1000 question test?

Depending on which test you take, your questions will vary. The 100 question one is typically small and quick to complete. The 500 and the 1000 questions are more extensive and cover a huge variety of questions. These questions are of a diverse nature.

It includes questions of a sexual nature or of any crimes the individual may have done. The rice purity test, however, originally, was supposed to be 100 questions. 500 and 1000 questions were a later addition to the rice purity test. So you may choose whichever amount you desire. It would be recommended that you pick the same test as your peets so your scores are comparable.

Q 4. Should I take personality test along with Rice Purity Test?

This is a question of individual opinion. Some people might think it is a waste of time. Some might think it is very materialistic and promotes debauchery. However, this is just a simple way to bond with your fellow classmates. It is by no way compulsory.

It is totally voluntary and many students go to college without ever taking it. So if you feel like this is not the test for you, ignore it! But it is a pretty good way to make friends in the first week of college. After all, it is always easier to make friends who have similar experiences as you.

Q 5. Should I tell my score to my friends in college?

If you want to, by all means! But some people may be ashamed of their test scores. It is totally your choice. But there is no need to be ashamed of your test. It is just a test and many people don’t even take it seriously. Telling your friends in college will obviously help you bond with them better.

It breaks the ice. The Rice Purity test was designed for this exact reason! It helps you transition from an outsider to the university student. Remember, the test is not a bucket list, so there is no need to feel that you need to do the things mentioned.

I hope these helped you in your queries about the Rice Purity Test!